Mateo (A Collection of 15s Series)


*Ring ring ring ring*

Mateo heard the sound of his grandfathers music box from his bed. It sounded louder than normal. Maybe it was all in his imagination.

*Ring ring ring ring*

There it goes again. This time he was sure it was louder than the time before. Then Mateo sat straight up. ‘Wait a second’ he thought ‘that music box has never gone off by itself before…. what the hell is going on?’

Mateo bolted up out of bed and immediately recoiled in shock as his feet hit the cold hardwood floor.

As he creeped towards the window sill the music box on it began to get louder, almost as if it was beckoning him towards it.

The sun was beginning to rise, giving the situation an even more eerie feel. Mateo stopped at the window sill, waiting to see if the music box would sing to him again. Seconds were passing by but it felt like an eternity. He decided he should open the window. Maybe some fresh air would snap him out of this trance.

Upon opening the window a gust of fresh sea water from the Mediterranean basin blew into his room and he remembered how peaceful this time of the morning could be.

Then the music box started singing to him again.


Singing actually doesn’t begin to describe the affront to Mateo’s ears. It was like a blood curdling scream at that point. Mateo knew he wasn’t dreaming now. Whatever was going on, was real.

He began to open up the music box and he heard what sounded like a faint whisper.

“It’s not real. None of it. Get out while you can”

Then the singing stopped.


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